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Gain Clarity & Confidence

Pleasecontact PROEM to inquire about risk assessment, ERP development, training, or with any further questions you might have. Continue browsing this website to learn more about Mr. Solecki’s background and explore numerous online resources.

PROEM was established upon principal and founder Greg Solecki’s extensive experience in guiding resources and personnel during emergencies and disasters. During times when it matters most, Mr. Solecki is noted for his leadership and forward thinking. Yet in classrooms and at lectures, the audience enjoys his knack for helping them extract core principles critical during any unforeseen events that require clarity and confidence.

  • EOC Manager for some of the most devastating and prominent disasters in Canadian history including the 2013 Calgary flood
  • Provided support and leadership to municipal administrators and councils during 6 States Of Local Emergency (SOLE)
  • Facilitated EOC, Site, and Crisis Management training for more than 500 executive and municipal leaders
  • Business continuity planning for public and private entities to maintain essential services due to the catastrophic loss of critical infrastructure
  • Crisis planning and coordination of corporate operations for Their Royal Highnesses
  • Recovery planning and management for urban interface wildfires
  • Site response, crisis communications, reputation and reception centre management
  • EOC creation and development for the Water Sector including planning water quality, security, flood, wastewater and dam emergencies
  • Emergency Management program development and delivery to post-secondary institutions