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Please contact PROEM to inquire about risk assessment, ERP development, training, or with any further questions you might have. Continue browsing this website to learn more about Mr. Solecki’s background and explore numerous online resources.

Mr. Solecki has served as site and EOC manager during countless emergencies and disasters, and is able to provide executive crisis leadership development and training. Emergency Response Plans (ERP) Business Continuity and Incident Command System training (ICS) will bring confidence to your organization.

Emergency Management • Business Continuity • Crisis Leadership • EOC Development• ICS Training • Corporate Resiliency

Mr. Solecki’s expertise lends an assurance that major urban centres and corporations remain prepared for any emergency or disaster through an all hazards approach to incident site alignment and executive crisis leadership. PROEM, Ltd. has created numerous preparedness, continuity and security programs to ensure progressive and sustained operations for various public and private entities.  PROEM specializes in corporate continuity programs designed from international standards to help build, exercise, and conduct training on crisis management, business continuity, and emergency response.

Emergency Response Plans for Corporate Resilience and Crisis Leadership

PROEM, Ltd. was established upon principal and founder Greg Solecki’s more than 20 years of senior leadership experience in delivering solutions when and where they matter most.